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What is Fanize?

Fanize is a fan engagement and loyalty platform that simplify the data acquisition and data enrichment process by using gamification mechanics, task assignments and rewards that can actively engage users. Fanize manages the full cycle of user engagement through:

Identity Management

A GDPR compliant authentication tool with the highest market standards, to guarantee data separation and inalterability.

Gamification Engine

An engine of gamification mechanics, scores, leaderboards and rewards that generates a progressive involvement and a more in-depth profiling of the user.


A loyalty platform capable of managing multiple campaigns, monitoring user engagement and stimulating their purchase desire


A system for managing a dynamic catalog consisting of physical products and digital prizes, with the opportunity to involve more partners and increase the benefits for the final user.


Instantwin, quiz and survey

Instant Win to award prizes in real time. Quizzes and surveys to profile in detail the fanbase.


A Hub of engaging and easily customizable games such as Memory, FanCam, Wheel of Fortune and many more.

Social log-in

Personalized and facilitated onboarding towards the platform through the main social networks profiles.

Member Get Member

Referral functionality to increase the user base and reward brand ambassadors

Digitized card & QR Code reader

Digitized loyalty cards for a real-time monitoring of points, status and news. QR Code reader to manage in-store missions.

Transactions and third party triggers

Analysis of transactional data thanks to the integration of existing platforms made by third parties.

How it works

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The new interaction and loyalty models applied by Fanize aim to make the user experience increasingly mobile-centric, not only transactional but also intentional, thanks to 3 characterizing elements:


A strategy that uses mechanical, temporal and aesthetic behavioral leverage, as well as levers of influence based on progressive user-driven, people-driven and content-driven stimuli.


The scoring models that allow you to create classifications and orders, to profile and predict behaviors, to measure and evaluate the impact of indicators and actions in an analytical way with the aim of increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of decision-making processes.


The progressive models that allow, through the assignment of tokens, to reward users for performing actions, interactions and transactions. Tokens can be used on the platform for different purposes, such as increasing your status or claiming prizes.


Why Fanize?

Fanize has been designed to strengthen the relationship with customers, merchants and employees through the creation of engagement, loyalty, membership and advocacy programs on various channels and touchpoints, rewarding virtuous behaviors.


It acquires data from different sources and directs them to a single database, allowing the creation of a consistent and univocal representation.


It aggregates, enriches and "cleans" fragmented, redundant and non-assimilable data from different sources.


It integrates additional user data with existing ones to optimize profiling.


It highlights the right and necessary information to make better business decisions and to generate new revenue models.

Who is Fanize for?

The platform guarantees a transversal impact on all business units, and allows each of them to develop a new data-based mindset


It innovates the physical and digital experience of the final customer, improves Direct Marketing performance and offers the opportunity to grow a loyal and registered customer base, creating a more specific audience for remarketing activities.


It tracks the behavioral and transactional data of the customer base: the brands therefore have the opportunity to define, implement and test new business strategies and to increase the average revenues per single customer.

Customer service

Thanks to Fanize, customer service is able to get to know better the user and can support him in his choices, anticipating any need and improving his experience.


It exposes simple and secure APIs to simplify multiple integrations and interoperability, making information collection always up to date and accessible.

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Fanize, a multi-channel platform

Thanks to its modularity, Fanize also allows the integration of third-party systems, such as existing apps and websites, the main CRMs and ERPs on the market, cash register systems and physical touchpoints such as totems and videowalls.

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